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The Wamesit Drive-In was a very popular attraction for both young adults and families until it was demolished in the late 1980s to make way for the Home Depot.   Just about every person that we have talked to about the Drive-In stated they always had a great time there, but when asked, very few could remember what movies they had gone to see!      

Do you have a short story about the Wamesit Drive-in that you would be willing to contribute?   Your story is important!  Please contact us if you can help.


This image of the Wamesit Drive-In neon sign was taken at the National Heritage Museum in Lexington, MA.   The exhibition was entitled "New England Neon" and it was drawn from the Boston area collection of Dave and Lynn Waller.  The signs represented more than 30 years of collecting.  Digging in dumpsters, dangerous crane work, and scrounging for scraps are some of the ways the Wallers collected the pieces on display.  Driven by an abiding interest in antique neon, the Wallers have devoted time and energy to gathering and preserving huge metal and glass signs that many might shy away from.  "Sometimes trash is treasure," said Dave Waller, "and I have actually pulled a number of signs right out the dump.  But these are important relics of a bygone age, and I think worth preserving. It often happens when someone sees our collection, an old sign invokes a memory that was long forgotten. They have magic."  Many thanks to Mr. David Waller for providing this image to the Tewksbury Historical Society.

View a high resolution image of the Wamesit Drive-In Neon Sign in JPG format.

View an original "Wamesit Drive-In Coupon" from the Tewksbury Historical Society Archives.


Wamesit Drive-In

This great collection of short stories about growing up in Wamesit and the accompanying photographs were provided by Norbert Pestana.  

Read the stories.


Wamesit Drive-In

The short story entitled "Gas" was written by Ballardvale resident Mr. Rick Nolin for his own personal Website.  This amusing short story mentions his visit to the Wamesit Drive-In with friends during the mid 1950s.  

Download the story. Download Adobe Acrobat