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A. Tewksbury 1st Southeast Company 

  • Captain Jonathan Brown, Company Commander (also 1st Major, 7th Middlesex Company Regiment, June 20, 1778 Lieutenant Colonel 7th Regiment)

Lieut. Joshua Baldwin
Corporal Joseph Phelps
Private Benjamin Frost (Vol. 6, page 107)
Private Jason Beard
Private Jonathan Beard
Private Benjamin Burt
Private Benjamin Clark
Private Joshua Clark
Private Jacob Clark
Private Thomas Kittredge Jr.
Private Isaac Kittredge Jr.
Private Ebeneazer Fish Amos Foster
Private Jonathan Foster
Private Benjamin Frost
Private Aaron French
Private Joel French
Private Nehemiah French
Private Reuben French
Private Samuel French
Private William Kitridge 3rd
Private William Kitteridge or Kittredge Jr.
Private Ephraim Kendall
Private Ezra Kendall
Private Jeremiah Kidder
Private Sam Longun(Longgun)
Private Thomas Manning
Private Joel Marshall
Private William Marshall
Private David Merrill
Private Samuel Ober
Private Jude Richardson
Sergeant Samson Spaulding
Private Thomas Sterns
Lieutenant Abraham Stickney
Private Eleazer Stickney
Private Eben Whittemore


B. Tewksbury 2nd Southeast Company

  •    Under Col. David Green's 5th Regiment

 Lieutenant Thomas Clark, Company Commander
Corporal Davis Chapman
Private Timothy Hunt
Private Samuel Bayley
Private Benjamin Danforth
Private Timothy Dutton
Private Samuel Frost
Private John Hal
Corporal (2nd) Nehemiah Hardy
Private James Hazelton
Private Andrew Hogg
Private Nathaniel Hunt Jr.
Private Thomas Kittredge
Private Ebeneazer Kittredge
Private Nathaniel Kittredge
Private Asa Leverston (Livingston)
Private Daniel Levertson (Livingston)
Private William Levertson (Livingston)
Private Benjamin Mace
Private Roger Mears
Private Thomas Mears
Private John Needham
Private Stearns Needham
Private Robert Nicholas
Private Stephen Osgood
Private Timothy Rogers
Private Jacob Sanders
Sergeant Newman Scarlett
Corporal Jacob Shed
Private Thomas Taylor
Private Hezekiah Thorndike
Private Paul Thorndike
Private Joel Wright

C. Tewksbury West Company of Minute Men

  •    11th Co. Under Col. Ebenezer Bridge's (27th* or 4th**) Regiment

 Capt. John Trull, Company Commander (John Trull Memorial as Captain of the 8th Company, Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment)
Lieutenant John Flint
1st Lieutenant Samuel Marshall
2nd Lieutenant Timothy Rogers, Jr.
Sergeant Abraham Bayley
Private Prescott Batchelor
Private Jacob Burt
Private Benjamin Burt
Private Eliphalet Manning (Had Losses Sustained at Lexington or Bunker Hill)
Private John Dandley
Private Amos Foster
Private Ephriam Foster
Private Jacob Frost
Corporal Jonathan Frost
Private Joseph Frost
Private  Isaac French
Private Jonathan Gould
Private Jonathan Gray
Private Moses Grey (Deceased Sept. 11, 1775, fever, had losses sustained at Lexington or Bunker Hill)
Private William Hardy
Private John Haywood
Fifer Isaac Haywood
Private Paul Hunt
Private Peter Hunt
Private Jeremiah Kidder
Private David Merrill
Private Eliakin Walker

{*From Massachusetts Soldiers or Sailors of the American Revolution,

**From Galvin's Book}


Tewksbury Minute Men and Militia Companies 

Who Answered The Alarm, April 19, 1775