Each year the Tewksbury Historical Society decorates a tree in a different theme. The theme itself represents some aspect of the town’s history. This year, with the growing passion to spread the knowledge of the town’s participation in the founding of our country, the theme selected was that of the local Tewksbury Patriot.

The 2018 Patriot Christmas Tree from the Tewksbury Historical Society

This theme pays homage to those men that marched to Concord in the early morning hours of April 19th, 1775 to repel the advancing British Redcoats. The local Tewksbury Minutemen, led by Capt. John Trull, fought at Meriam’s Corner in Concord. During the ensuing battle, one of the British General’s horses was either spooked by the musket fire or hit with one of the shots. It threw its rider and attempted to escape the confusion and was intercepted by three militia men in the area. One of those men was a local Tewksbury Minuteman, who assisted in seizing the runaway horse and taking it into custody.

The tree can be seen at the Tewksbury Public Library  The Festival of Trees Opening Gala begins
Saturday, December 1, 6:00PM—8:30PM.

To that local hero, and those of this Committee, we give an 18th Century shout of, Huzza!

The Patriot Tree Committee