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Hardy-Pike House

The Hardy-Pike House is threatened by demolition by the Town of Tewksbury but the Tewksbury Historical Commission placed a nine-month Demolition Delay on the building, which is owned by a Houston car dealership group.  The house still stands where it has for the past 275 years.  Developer James Andella and the Society are working hard to try to move it to 155 East Street, a house lot owned by Mr. Andella’s company.  He plans to place it there to use as a dentist office or bank but he needs a zoning change at Town Meeting in May 2016.  We'll keep you informed.

Please patronize out sponsors.  Thank you all for your support.

We'd also like to acknowledge the various retirement facilites in Tewksbury.  Our Interim President, Dave Marcus, has given historical talks to the residents of Heatherwoods, Bayberry, Blair House, and Meadowview.  The response has been gratifying.  We are lucky to have these wonderful facilities in our Town.   

Our 24th Annual Meeting will be held on Sept. 30, 2017

 1st Floor Large Meeting Room - Tewksbury Library 

1:00pm Election of Officers and Board Members for 2017-2018:
William Wyatt - President
Douglas Sears - Vice President
David E. Marcus - Treasurer
Nicole Hutcheon - Recording Secretary
Open - Corresponding Secretary
Robert Hunter - Director
Rick Cummings - Director
Open - Director
Open - Director

1:20pm President and Treasurer report on 2016-2017
1:30pm Samuel Hunt Awards for Volunteers:

Karen Favreau & Ken Mouser,

also we are bring back this award for Eugene Winter,  who was honored earlier.  

2:30 - Keynote Speaker: Larz Neilson, Jr.

who will speak on Illustrator William Harnden Foster, who lived in Tewksbury.  

Please Note:  Our email address has changed.  Our new address is

Want to learn more?

Society members are available every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, from 1 - 5 pm, at the Tewksbury Library History Room, 300 Chandler St.,  Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

or  email us here

Tewksbury Historical Society

Tewksbury, Massachusetts
Founded 1993

For more than two decades we have worked to preserve, document and educate the community about our local history.  We would welcome your participation.

About Us

The Tewksbury Selectmen voted unanimously to allow the Tewksbury Historical Society to put up 9 granite posts as Memorials to the Tewksbury Militia that marched to Concord to protect and keep safe that community on April 19, 1775.  One hundred men marched that morning and fought the British who had invaded Lexington and then Concord.  Tewksbury’s three Militia Companies arrived at Meriam’s Corner and fought the British on the flanks and from the rear of the British column as they returned to Boston.    

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Line-of-March Program Given Final Approval!


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