Line-of-March Program Given Final Approval!

The Tewksbury Selectmen voted unanimously to allow the Tewksbury Historical Society to put up 9 granite posts as Memorials to the Tewksbury Militia that marched to Concord to protect and keep safe that community on April 19, 1775. One hundred men marched that morning and fought the British who had invaded Lexington and then Concord. Tewksbury’s three Militia Companies arrived at Meriam’s Corner and fought the British on the flanks and from the rear of the British column as they returned to Boston.

The Selectmen were very supportive, asking questions about Tewksbury History and giving suggestions as to placement of the granite memorials. Installation will be during March or early April 2016. Join the following Corporate Sponsors and many private citizens that have already donated.

I will be donating to the Line-of-March to take a tax write-off on my taxes. Please join me with a small or large donation before the end of this year. It is the season for giving and lets honor our Tewksbury veterans that came before us. Watch for details on the dedication of this exciting program on April 17th, 2016.

David E. Marcus, Interim President